Question for Rapid 7 folks surrounding IDR's limitation on ticketing automation

Hello Rapid 7 community, I wanted to reach out and ask if there were any plans on the roadmap to expand the native automation ticketing connections to also include the new ABA’s and not just UBA Alerts? Right now my team works the UBA alerts via tickets and has to deal with the ABA in the platform through a separate process.


Hi Patrick, yes this is on the roadmap and is being actively worked on.
We’re planning to continue to expand the capabilities available with ABA automation and we would welcome your input on other potential uses in your teams workflows so, when we get to that stage, would your team be interested in being in any Early Access/Feedback programme?

Yes we would =)

Super! We’ll get in touch closer to the time - if you have any suggestions or questions until then please feel free to post them here.

Hi Patrick, if you are open to it, we are running some usability sessions for a prototype of an ABA alert automation experience in InsightIDR. If this is something of interest, I can organize a session with your team.

Hi Anil,

Sounds good just let me know what you need?

Hi Patrick! We reached out via email about inclusion in our usability session. Please let us know if it was not received or if you have any questions.