Query to fetch all vulnerabilities remediated for last month

I am looking to prepare a query where I can find all the vulnerabilities remediated on all the assets in past 1/2/3… months. I know a few methods like finding the vulnerability count on each asset on each day of the month and then manually subtract past date count from next date count to get the remediations on that day.
But this idea is not very efficient or precise plus it also includes lot of manual work.
So, do we have any query/report which can fetch this data -count of all remediations performed on all assets for whole month?

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Our example query here would probably be a good start

Just remove the NEW section to focus only on remediated. It’s comparing two scans so you could change out the scan dates that it’s using to use the latest and then a scan from roughly a month ago, or 2 months ago, or 3 months ago.