Query for vulnerabilities over X days since discovery

Hi everyone. I’m new to Rapid7 and not too experienced with SQL. I’m looking to make a report that will generate a list of all vulnerabilities with a CVSS score of 7 or higher that are over 60 days since the date they were first discovered by a scan. I would be looking to limit this report to an asset group that we have called Workstations. I would like for the report to also display the proof of the vulnerability along with the solution. If anyone has something along these lines that they would like to share that would be appreciated. Thank you.

Hi Gabe,
We already have a similar yet not exact answer to what you are lookin for as a card available in the InsightVM dashboard. It is called the Vulnerability Discovery Date by CVSS Score card. Shows you almost most of what you need, and you can make a static remediation project (which should show you the solutions and help track the progress of remediating those vulnerabilities) out of just selecting the section of vulnerabilities of you are looking for , you can also apply a query which can help scope down the view to just those assets in your asset group

I hope this helps, without having to do a SQL query.

Or directly use the Query Builder: