Quarterly trigger

Does anyone know if it’s possible to generate a quarterly trigger? We’d like to create a few tickets at the beginning of each quarter. I have the Timer plugin installed but I don’t think it supports a quarterly trigger. Any thoughts?

You could use the Every X Minutes trigger option in the Timer plugin and set it to “7776000” which is the number of minutes in 90 days.

I know this involves additional systems, but I created a “MQ” type system to run future Jobs.
My setup:
SOAR Workflow that triggers off a Teams command starting with a “!”
Splunk KV that has a key, Command, and Timestamp
Splunk runs an alert every 15 minutes for any timestamp that is older than now, and writes the command to Teams which triggers the SOAR Workflow.
This way Workflows can run via Teams command or future scheduled.
This also allows me to revers Job runs, e.g. We have a Workflow that can either add or remove USB access, When we run a command to grant USB access for a set interval, there is a Step that adds the USB remove command scheduled for the end of the interval.