Python Input Argument Too Long

Python Script Input Too Long

I am ingesting data from an external Log Analytics source and have managed to filter the data into ICON via the plugins provided.
However, I am struggling to run python functions on the json data sourced. The python script is working, as I have tested it with smaller list data (object), but for the larger inline arguments, the script fails. See below:

I believe this is the limitation of using the params as an entry point for external data, would it be possible to increase the limit on the argument length?

Would there be another way of accessing larger data points inside the insightConnect or a work around this?

I feel I might have to resort to writing a custom script using the Log Analytics API instead of the Log Analytics Plugin as a data source.

I’m having the same issue. Anyone knows a solution to passing long strings to the Python plugin w/o getting the Argument list too long error?