Pushing the button For ACTIVE RISK 3/15/24

I am pushing the button for Active Risk Strategy tomorrow before Business hrs. ANything i need to know besides Risk scores going up. ANything else i need to adjust?

Nope - literally just a matter of flipping the switch then giving the console time to recalculate the risk scores.

One word of caution that we didn’t come to realize until afterwards is that there is no “Vulnerability Discovery Date by Active Risk” dashboard card. There is a new card named “Vulnerability Findings by Active Risk Score Severity and Publish Age”, but I don’t know of anybody who measures their compliance based on publish age rather than discovery date.

oh thank you that is what I figured, oh that card information is useful. I agree Published date is not something we use either, I def would use the discovery date and do. Actually, I had whole case on publish date vs. discovery date and the way the SQL reports report and got all mixed up due to the published dates. Lol :joy: anyway, thanks!