Pulling Endpoint Data To Create A Dynamic Dashboard

Someone very intelligent must have already thought of this or be doing it.

Can we create a dashboard in ICON that is made up of a polling script (please let the HTTP plugin be enough :slight_smile: ) that pulls endpoint stats data from different tools APIs?

windows 10 # = X
agent versions graph

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Well…Not directly. We’re working on some metric dashboards and other features around this general idea, but no, not the way I think you’re thinking.

I’m assuming you want some sort of real-time dashboard to pop up in ICON. That we can’t do because it’s a security issue with displaying custom HTML. I tried doing a similar thing once and ran into that.

If you just want to display metrics, you could use the HTML plugin to create markdown for your artifacts. That would be a gateway into more advanced usage…If you want a true real-time dashboard, what you can do is feed that data to a 3rd party…like google docs, CSV, or if you really want to get tricky, write custom HTML and post it to your own webserver (via the SSH plugin).

TLDR: Short answer, no, you can’t directly do what you want to do. Long answer, yea, you can do this with 3rd party collaboration tools.

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