Proxy Configuration on Systems with Insight Agent installed on

Hello everyone, quick question. We changed the proxy configuration of some of our systems in our infrastructure. Basically, telling the systems not to use our web proxy anymore. The systems have the Insight Agent running on. We haven’t configured any proxy settings in our agent configuration. Now, after we’ve changed the proxy configuration of some of our systems (to not use the proxy), we can still see that the agents try to connect to Rapid7 in the proxy logs. We want to get rid of the proxy in the long run, but I’m wondering if the agent will lose connectivity if we turn the proxy off, since there are still connections in the proxy logs caused by the Insight Agent. Has anyone experience with that?

Hi @312312
Have you made in the past any configuration for the agent in the configuration file? Proxy Configuration | Insight Agent Documentation

the connection you are seeing to the proxy are they coming from the collector? You can also validate the proxy configuration of this machine if there is somewhere configured a proxy.

Hi, no we haven’t changed something in the agent configuration file. The connections are coming from agents. We have never touched the agent configuration file. Looks like the agent picked up the proxy configuration of the operating system which is fine. However, we changed that proxy configuration (not to use a proxy) but the agent didn’t pick it up. It looks like the agent learned to use the proxy once but didn’t notice the configuration changed. Is there any way to “relearn” this process.

We didn’t specify the proxy information somewhere in the agent configuration.

Can you try to reinstall the agent to see if this is change this behaviour? If it is still communicating after the reinstall via the webproxy my guess it is still something in OS is having this proxy config or pushed via GPO.