Project to Track Google Chrome Upgrade

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to come up with a way to create a project or goal where I can track the upgrade of Chrome across all endpoints to the latest version. I was thinking about creating a remediate vulnerability project related to chrome where I target a vuln in the last minor release of Chrome. However, that seems to exclude really old versions of Chrome that still exist on our endpoints.

I want to task our Service Management Team with the job of upgrading Chrome to one consistent version companywide but have not been able to find a way to track this in R7 InsightVM.

Has anyone succesfully done this?


So if the version itself doesn’t have an exact vuln associated with it then it would be hard to track this with a remediation project. If you’re simply trying to view your progress towards that goal then the Goals and SLAs page would be better aligned with what you’re trying to do as this is a configuration of an asset.

You could use the query builder to target a specific version of chrome and have that be the criteria for the Goal and the scope be either all assets or the subset of assets that you’re targeting.

I could be wrong as I’m newer to the platform, but instead of targeting one minor and newer chrome cve, you could set a remediation project to “vulnerability title contains chrome”, , or software product = chrome. Things like that might give you a slightly better idea.