Project that is identical to the Top 25 Report

Really to the point here.
In order to track specific remediations (as imposed by the top 25 report), my team and I are trying to find out how we can make a project with just the top 25 items. We cannot actually look into a query (via the builder) that looks for the same remediation name as the items on the top 25 report, so not sure how to approach this.


Unfortunately I don’t know of a way to do this to get a project that’s identical to the Top 25 report. To get something that’s close to the report, you could create a query that pulls data by things like exploits, malware kits, criticality, and risk score. You could also build one that’s entirely based off the solutions/remediations/vulnerabilities from the report, which would almost be like manually selecting each of them for the project.

I would like to know how to export the Top 25 in a csv format, is this possible?

Thank you.

You can use the following table from the SQL Query export functionality to generate the CSV