Programmatically Create Remediation Progects

I looked through the API documentation and I cannot find any endpoints that allow the creation of Remediation Projects. I am building out a bunch of new ones and I’m lazy and get board easily with repetitive tasks so I always script out things i don’t want to do even if it takes longer to write the script.
Is there a way to do this and does anyone have any documentation?

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There’s been a couple threads about this, but currently there’s not an API for InsightVM remediation projects. Do you have any particular use cases in mind for how you’d use it and what that flow of logic would look like? (The “man this is so repetitive lemme just write a script” mindset is also valid :laughing:)

In my case it would be auto-provisioning along with initial provisioning.
We are matching our insightVM alignment to ServiceNow groups, so my initial provisioning is around 70 groups. Users, Asset Groups, and Reports were all provisioned via scripts, now Remediation Projects need built so it would be nice to script them.
Moving forward I would want a way to provision this template when a new ServiceNow group is created, I can do all this except for the Remediation Project part. The way I designed this lays out all the parts just based on the ServiceNow group all the way to emailing the distribution list all know vulnerabilities on a monthly basis to the automatic ticket creation in ServiceNow for the actionable remediation needed and SLA tracking. What would be even nicer would be the ability to do all this from an insightConnect Workflow which i know others have requested.


That makes sense, thanks for sharing! I can’t speak for remediation projects API availability right now, but I passed this along to the team (along with the feedback from the other remediation projects thread) so we have a better understanding of your processes and how you’d go about using it. The more info we can gather around the use case, the better :+1:


Any updates on this? There are several people asking for this, including our team.