Problem Installing network Sensor: "Failed to extract the token handler.[ERROR]"

I Just installed Ubuntu 23.10 Server on a Physical server.
After that, i downloaded the Linux 64Bit installer form the R7Portal.

However if i run it i get the following error.

Failed to extract the token handler. [ERROR]

see full output of the run below, any suggestions on what to do ?

:~$ sudo ./ install_start --token eu:XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Checking for dependencies [INFO]
Attempting to load x86_64 archive from catalog [INFO]
Extracting embedded agent-1699268756.tar.gz → ./agent-1699268756.tar.gz [INFO]
Successfully extracted image [INFO]
Failed to extract the token handler. [ERROR]
Checking agent base installation for removal [INFO]
Installation directory does not exist [INFO]

i’m facing same issue, have you found a solution?

Typically this is caused by a malformed .sh installer, something to note is that the .sh installer is actually a shell script with a binary attached, the binary contains the necessary dependencies and libraries in binary format. The extraction of this binary is whats failing here.

This is often times seen as suspicious by EDR tools, in order to ensure the correct and complete .sh file is downloaded, its recommended to download directly from our static S3 url using curl or equivalent see

Another reason for the token handler to fail to extract is if tar is not available for use, or if an unsupported architecture is in use. For example if you were attempting to install this on an ARM based processor it would fail in the same way.