PowerShell scripts have the stderr "Preparing modules for first use" when run remotely

I notice when I use a remote host, in my case CredSSP, that all the scripts have the stderr “Preparing modules for first use”
I’ve read that adding -NoProfile could resolve this, but when I added that to line 8 of util.py it didn’t make a difference. Other people mentioned setting errors to SilentlyContinue, but both of these options don’t seem like a good idea because they will hide potentially needed information. The returned XML looks like it has different categories, I’m seeing and
Would it be possible to dismiss the S=“progress” ones and have the option to suppress S=“information”
Or is this outside the scope of the plugin?

This might help:

>&1 Redirects the specified stream to the Success stream. n>&1

Using powershell in a plugin is a pain. Usually you have to suppress errors and do manual error handling to get reasonable output.

OK, I found a workaround that works for me.
Adding this to the top of my PowerShell Scripts suppresses the the progress stderr entries and I can live with this.
$ProgressPreference = 'SilentlyContinue'

Good deal. I wasn’t sure if you wanted to completely silence errors or try to do something with them.

Yeah, what I was originally reading people were silencing all Errors and Warnings and I didn’t like this, I just didn’t want the progress ones because those are the results of the loading bar you see when you use a plugin the first time. That when I found the $ProgressPreference variable that I didn’t know existed that fits my situation perfectly. I’ll actually be commenting on some of those forums that I had read with this finding also.