PowerBI reports

We are using on-prem Nexpose Enterprise and have been waiting for dashboard reporting for 3 years.
Instead of granting access to multiple individual users to the application, I would like to export the data from the live environment to be viewed by a greater audience using PowerBI.

Has anyone done this before? From what I’ve seen using the built in API, importing the data into PowerBI is extremely clunky. Warehousing is not an options at this point and the schema does not match the on-prem postgres DB.

Hey @keith_bruce, when it comes to getting data out of Nexpose for heavy read operations - such as a BI tool - our primary recommendation is to leverage the Data Warehouse functionality as it was designed for this specific purpose by providing the ability to get recent and historical snapshots of your VM scan data.

If it’s not possible to use the Data Warehouse feature then the next best option may be to set up scripts to pull data from the console’s reporting data model and pushing it directly into PowerBI. We’ve put together an example of how fetching bulk data can be accomplished with a Python script here and it could be extended with different SQL queries to get the data you are most interested in.