Power BI Integration or content pack


I was wondering if anyone have integrated InsightVM with Power BI (with the data warehouse or not). I wish Rapid7 creates a content pack to give us a headstart. But maybe someone else has something they wish to share ?


We have created many PowerBi reports/dashboards using the data warehouse. Really depends on what metrics you are trying to report on. We started a few years ago when PowerBi was newly released and simply imported the full tables needed and manipulated the data within Pbi. But over time those tables became too large for Pro licenses (1gb limit in PBi service) and we now use SQL views to aggregate the data before import. The biggest benefit for our team was the ability to create custom severity scores (ex: making TLS 1.0 Critical) instead of relying on the pre-packaged ones from R7. The power here is really in the data warehouse. I highly recommend going that route.


Using the API allowed me to pull very basic stats and configuration data. Critical security information like when users last logged in or other security related information, does not exist using the API.

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Could you please tell me how you connected Rapid7 to PowerBI please? I’m trying to pull out Sites data but I don’t know how to connect PowerBI to Rapid7 via the API.