Performance Issues - Investigation Page

Hello, I was wondering if anyone else has performance issues with the investigation page in InsightIDR. In the last weeks we had several situations where the investigation page or the evidence section was not loading correctly. Today we’re having the same issue. The investigation pages don’t load correctly and the error message “Sorry, there was a problem retrieving the information for this investigation.” is shown. This is an unacceptable situation since we cannot handle our alerts in a timely manner. Our support ticket about this issue wasn’t updated for one week. That must be a joke.


Apologies to hear you’ve been having this issue & agreed it’s an unacceptable experience.

Our engineers are aware and have been actively looking into this - once I hear more on a fix I will make sure to let you know.

Any questions in the meantime please feel free to send them here.

Apologies again,
Cathal - Snr. Product Manager, InsightIDR

+1 in relation to the performance issues. We are in the EU, so that might be related.

Hi both,

Just a note to let you know our engineering teams are no longer seeing errors related to this issue. It seems to have been resolved around 2pm GMT / 9am EST.

Is the experience working as expected again, or are you still having any issues?



Hi Cathal, thank you. We haven’t had any additional issues so far. I hope Rapid7 is able to reduce the number of these issues in the future. It’s a really unpleasant situation if you are not able to use all the features of the product for several hours. And it’s even more unpleasant if this happens several times a week.

Glad to hear the issues have cleared up. Agreed, and our teams are 100% dedicated to reducing similar issues in the future.

If you have any other issues, just let us know.