PDQ deploy Rapid7/InsightVM

Hello I’m trying to install InsightVM on all our pcs with PDQ deploy but I keep getting an msi error message of 1603. I can actually install the msi normally on the pc but I can’t push it to a single pc through pdq deploy to test with for some reason. I’ve also already edited the msi file with orca so it already has the token/info for it.

If it is the agent you are trying to deploy, have your tried the Certificate based package?

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You could try setting the logging flag “/l*v insight_agent_install_log.log” to see if you get any details about the error. 1603 is a generic error that can result from anything from a missing/corrupted file to permission issues for the account running the installer.

I am using a basic install step with PDQ. My custom command line is:
msiexec /i agentInstaller-x86_64.msi /l*v insight_agent_install_log.log /quiet CUSTOMTOKEN=token goes here

Try putting quotes around the installer name so it looks like this

msiexec /i “agentInstaller-x86_64.msi” /l*v insight_agent_install_log.log /quiet CUSTOMTOKEN=token