Pattern Match Examples

After grappling with a tricky Pattern Match step yesterday, I wanted to share an example here and start a topic where other workflow builders can share their own examples! Please comment freely with:

  • Input String
  • Outputs (screenshots are great!)
  • The regular expression that got you there

I would also encourage people like me who may be struggling with this step to comment here with your Input String & Desired Outputs – we’ll help if we can!

Without further ado, here’s my pattern match scenario…

Input String

New Vuln "ssl-self-signed-certificate" on Asset "7"


{"vuln_id": "ssl-self-signed-certificate",
"asset_id": "7"}

Regex Pattern


More Pattern Match Resources!

I’ll end this post with a couple of other handy resources for the Pattern Match step:


Get the JobID from the Job URL

Input String




Regex Pattern (case insensitive)



Extract InsightVM Asset ID from the “New Vulnerability Found” IVM platform trigger.

{{["New Vulnerability Found"].[id]}}

Looks like this: 4ff14asq-827c-1337-bdd4-1cht3e7dkic8-default-asset-23

Regex (case-insensitive,no multi-match):

Same for New Asset Found

FYI: I addressed this internally to get this changed so that the asset-id will be only the number at the end and can be directly used with the IVM plugin.

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