Passing the output from one ldap query to another

I am having an issue when passing the manager attribute from one ldap query to another. I want to get the a users manager email address. The first query produces the correct attibute in the form of a CN CN=Smith, Jonathon,OU=All Users,DC=domian1,dc=com

When this is sent to the next query as a search filter i get no results

What is your LDAP string?
I do this and it works for me, here is my query
(&(objectClass=person)(objectClass=user)(distinguishedName={{["Join User Info"].[manager]}}))

Thanks for the reply. This is the output of the first ldap query
“$success”: true,
“count”: 1,
“results”: [
“attributes”: {
“givenName”: “Chris”,
“manager”: “CN=Smith\, Jonathon,OU=All Users,DC=domain1,DC=com”,
“sAMAccountName”: “Chris”,
“sn”: “Jessup”
“dn”: “CN=Jessup\, Chris,OU=Users,DC=domain1,DC=com”
and i am passing
{{[“ACT-GETADINFO”].[results].[0].[attributes].[manager]}} as my search for the second query.

Try passing it like
I know dn searching can be finicky because normally is is referenced explicitly as LDAP://dn and not a ldap searcher.
If that still doesn’t work I remember others having issues with the escape character, but I find passing it as a variable usually escapes the escape correctly.

I think Brandon has the answer - an ldap filter requires field to be matched so you need an ldap filter expression, not a raw value.
Since it’s a distinguished name, there can only be one entry in AD with that DN so other filters shouldn’t be necessary:
should be all that’s necessary to pull back the manager’s info.

You are correct and (distinguishedName={{[“ACT-GETADINFO”].[results].[0].[attributes].[manager]) worked perfectly.
Thank all for your input