Parallel Actions

Is there any way to run actions in parallel and gather their outputs on a single task once they are both done?

I can only find “Decision Points” but those follow only one path at a time.


Action 1.1 Get data from API 1
Action 1.2 Get data from API 2
Action 2 - Gather input from both tasks above and do something with it.

In the scenario above, the two parallel actions are well contained and isolated to their own operation. As we’re coding custom plugins, it makes sense to have very well defined interfaces.

But I can’t seem to find anything that would help me with that, running parallel actions.

Am I right in understanding that I have to make all my tasks sequential and change their input/output just to keep passing data downstream?

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At this time you cannot run two actions in parallel. I do understand your use case, and I can see the benefit. When you are logged into InsightConnect there is a feedback button in the top right menu bar. If you want to make an enhancement request it can be done from that section, but this is not currently work that is planned.