PAN Scanning and Vulnerability Checks

Hello All,

Wondering if there has been anyone worked with PAN scanning and custom vulnerability checks for default accounts?

Thanks in advance,


Could you elaborate a little more on what you’re looking to do? We do have some info about creating custom vulnerability checks but we can likely provide some more guidance depending on your goals here.

Hi Holly,

We were looking to create a custom vulnerability check for default accounts we know may be in our environment. Also, we were wondering if there were any options for PAN (personal account number) scanning that Rapid7 offered?


It sounds like with PAN scanning you’re referencing scans of file content for sensitive info - is that correct? In this case, InsightVM does not offer that type of scan.

When it comes to custom vulnerability checks, this page has some examples of default account checks towards the bottom that could help you get started. There’s also some good info here on creating dynamic asset groups and doing reporting on default account vulnerabilities.

if you are looking to create custom vulnerability check for default accounts you can check this page and to write an custom vulnerability check see this page