Orchestrator in Kubernetes

Can I deploy orchestrators on Kubernetes?

Or rather, the real question being: can orchestrators scale up? Or the only solution is to have 1 beefy machine running a single instance?

Kubernetes is not supported for orchestrator deployment at this time. Please see our documentation for supported deployment methods.

Regardless of using Kubernetes or not, am I right in understanding that we can have only one orchestrator instance at any given time?

You can have multiple orchestrators in your environment, but they are individual entities. They do not operate as one.

I’m still a little unclear on something.

When you say they “don’t operate as one” - does that mean I will have to choose which orchestrator I want for each workflow?

In my head, if we have 2 or more orchestrators, even if they are completely independent EC2 instances, InsightConnect would just distribute the requests.

Good morning. Sorry about the delayed response.

When I say they will not operate as one I mean they are completely separate.

They do not load balance. They do not share credentials. They do not distribute requests. They have no relation to one another, other than you can leverage both of them for workflows in your environment.

Clear, thanks!