Orca "Get Asset" ...how do I get the Asset ID if I have a hostname, or other AD type data

Hi Everyone,

New customer to iCon and working a developing a Workflow to do a validation of new entries into our CMDB. I am trying to confirm the systems is in our Orca platform. I am using the Orca plug in v2 and the Get_Asset method.

My challenge is that I do not have the asset ID. And honestly, not sure what parameter that is in Orca, as there are many ID type descriptors depending on…

Anyone know a method to find the ID by Hostname, or some other variable? I may be using this plugin in the wrong way and this is just not currently possible to do such a look up.

Figured I’d post and see if someone else has run into this question and found a solution.
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Output from the Get_asset step contains an array of assets. You can use a loop step, choose the Get_asset array as the input.

Screen Shot 2024-03-21 at 10.47.13 AM

Screen Shot 2024-03-21 at 10.48.58 AM

Once inside of the loop you will have new variables available to you, one of them is asset name.
Screen Shot 2024-03-21 at 10.50.39 AM

You can use a decision step with two paths. Yes or No.

Set your default path to No

The next page is asking you to define the logic for what is yes.

The logic would be the variable in the loop called asset name=whatever variable you have that has the asset name.

Screen Shot 2024-03-21 at 10.52.22 AM

I am making the assumption that you do have a target asset name in mind that is already being captured in your workflow. If you were doing a query from another system and that query returns an asset name variable, that is the variable you want to match against your GetAssets output.

Hopefully that makes sense. If you have trouble or need further assistance feel free to email me Darrick_hall@rapid7.com.