? on vCenter discovery

I have setup several vCenters setup with it’s own discovery site. Each site retrieves an inventory, which populates a dynamic asset group. How often should i schedule and retrieve inventory? Daily? Weekly? I have a single static site with all dynamic groups for VA scans happening on a periodic basis (monthly, etc…). This is one idea…

The current implementation by a previous admin has multiple static sites, the automated action “adds” assets to one of these multiple static sites (by location), within Automated Actions. There is another automated action to ‘scan’.

I guess both ideas achieve the same thing, just the automated action does scheduling on more consistent cadence. I might have answered my own question, but wanted to ask what others do with vCenter discovery, keep inventory “fresh” and scans happening on a timely basis. The second option would solve the issue as we have several vCenters.

Looking for feedback, ideas I might not be thinking of and wonder what others do.