Offsite location integration and separation in IVM and IDR

Hello everyone, hope this is in the correct area. If not it can be moved. Anywho, We currently use IVM and IDR and I have been asked to find the best way or ways to bring an offsite location into our instance of R7. I know there’s a multi-org option available, but that won’t work for us. So …
I’m looking to keep things as separate as possible. I think the naming of tings will be a key factor here.
I’m looking for problems others have ran into,
I’m looking for solutions others have found and use,
I’m also looking for suggestions , like “if I were to do this I would…”
I have been told that the network for the offsite location is not the same as ours so I “shouldn’t” have to worry about IP issues, we will see…Anyway thanks and hope you all have a great year