Not able to view investigation results after successful scan

After a investigation and rescan of an asset, which seems to have been successful, clicking on the “Review” button for the investigation does not load anything. I can review old reports and they work, but these new ones do not.

I’ve been having the same issue. Any new info on this?

I am also having this issue. A 3 month old investigation will work but the ones I have done today do not. Did you get any update on this?
It’s causing a secondary issue, where if an investigation fails I cannot restart it since the popup won’t appear, leaving those vulnerabilities stuck.

Update for anyone else reading this.
The cause of this (for me at least) is having a quotation mark ( " ) within the vulnerability name.

In my instance, clicking the “Review” button (or Failed, etc.) will cause a Syntax Error on the page and stop the Investigation window from popping up. The function being called to open the window passes the vulnerability name as an argument, and having a ( " ) in the name closes that argument prematurely, which results in the syntax error.

I have raised this with Rapid7 support and it should be in the works to get resolved.