Node Synopsis Consistency (diagnostic test)

Hello everyone,

I noticed this issue “Node Synopsis Consistency” after a regular daily check of the InsightVM platform.

The database is in the same VM as the Security Console.

Has anyone run into the same issue and if yes, how did you fix this?

Thank you!



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I just noticed this myself yesterday, and was similarly hoping for an answer.

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I checked with the team on this, and they said that a single instance of this “Node Synopsis Consistency” shouldn’t be an issue, and that it should resolve the next time an asset is scanned.

If it becomes a recurring thing, you’d want to ensure the database is appropriately resourced and confirm whether it needs any tuning. There may also be indicators in the logs to help pinpoint any issues, if it keeps happening.

Even We have same issue almost 10K+ inconsistency nodes. Any thoughts here to fix those is much appreciated. ?

Best work with support. they need to be removed manually from the database. Also: is your console properly resourced and the memory reserved?