No easy way to update Teams trigger connection?

We have a Teams Connection ver 3.1.2 that connects in test just fine, but never triggers on new message.

We created a test workflow using the newest Teams connection 6.0.0 and the trigger on new message works fine.

So naturally we want to update all of our Teams chat workflows to the new 6.0.0 connection but there is no way to select the new connection. When we go into the existing workflows and select the first node in the workflow the “Teams Trigger” “New Message Received” node, the connections dropdown does not list the newly created Team 6.0.0 connection.

Since the Teams Trigger is the very first node in the workflow there is no way to delete and recreate that one node. The only option i can see is to recreate ever workflow that used the old teams connection.

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There’s got to be a better way!

If you select the first step which is the trigger, then select previous, then previous one more time so that you are in the window where you would choose a new trigger you will search for Teams again. Before you select the Teams step there is a menu that shows the version and it has a drop down option. You will change the version there, then configure the trigger again.

It does treat this as if you were creating a brand new step, so you will have to enter the information that was used in the trigger again.

This process does not update every step in the workflow, and it is also not mandatory to update every step in the workflow, but if you did want to update each of the steps, you would need to perform the task in every step.

Please let me know if you have further questions or concerns.

It makes absolutely no sense that you have to recreate the node again, the fields don’t change. Why can they not just carry over…

Better yet, why can this not simply be automated. Insight Connect is an automation engine…that can’t automate itself.

I have brought this up as well, upgrading major version is something I avoid now because of what is involved and the potential of human error. Even if they cannot change the upgrade, it would be nice if you could export and import JSON data of the fields on the step

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This is not an acceptable solution

We currently have 40+ workflows with teams triggers and only 2 people on the team able to update them.
We are only using the teams triggers for the internal IT team right now. We cannot create additional workflows for the rest of the business because in the event the teams trigger updated and was no longer functioning, we would have to drop everything and scramble for 20+ hours in order to get all the workflows functional again.

There NEEDS to be an automated update function, otherwise the teams trigger is just a liability.

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