Nexpose SQL report queries taking too long / not responding

We are experiencing unusual delays in report SQL queries on our Nexpose console. This started happening after the recent 6.6.125 release. Has anyone experienced the same?
Here are the queries we ran…
Query 1: SELECT MAX(solution_id) FROM dim_solution took 8 minutes
Queriy 2: SELECT * FROM dim_solution where solution_id=26543 took 6 minutes

Query 3 & 4: (These two queries responded in a few seconds)
SELECT MAX(vulnerability_id) FROM dim_vulnerability
SELECT * FROM dim_vulnerability where vulnerability_id=16545

Looks like the recent update has affected the dim_solution dimension. Any query using/joining this dimension is taking too long or doesn’t respond at all.


We have the same issue; but with the inbuilt Nexpose reports. The issue started last week. We have seen multiple postgres processes shoot up CPU utilization to 70% - 80% and as a result the entire console slows down. Have you observed similar CPU loads on when running the report SQL queries?


We noticed CPU utilization (4 vCPU server on EC2) increasing to 20-25% and Memory (32 GB) utilization increasing to 60-65% during SQL query execution.

That is interesting, thanks for the share. I’ve opened up a support case but yet to receive a response. I’ll post a reply if I find out anything useful.

Hi, Your issue was solve? I has the same problem with simply report with where condition 1 Asset take time about 14 minutes.

Not resolved. Working with Support to review nsc.log file and figure out what may be wrong.

Any update regarding the slowness?

We migrated the console to a new server, with same hardware specs, reinstalled the OS and console - and that solved the slowness completely. So whatever the issue was, it stemmed from inconsistencies in the base OS (Ubuntu in our case). Using a fresh install of Ubtunu 20.4 solved this for us.

It’s very possible it was an issue with auto tuning. @ar1 if you’re still experiencing the same issue on a console that has the recommended specs I suggest reaching out to support as well about the auto tuning. Other than that, there may be several reasons for slow execution times for reports

I don’t believe it was auto-tuning. For the record, Nexpose support provided all the help they could… and even had us adjust the update interval for Rapid 7 agent update. We added additional memory and CPU. It alleviated the problem, but did not solve it. Reinstall has us back to the original performance baseline. Sometimes you have to go outside the box : )