Nexpose service fails to start

I update our nexpose server and now the console service will not start. I get an error:
[WARN] Encountered an internal server error.
[WARN] Starting up postgresql DB system
[WARN] Generated default entity base URL based on values in the first server request. Please set property entityBaseURL on MetadataGenerator bean to fixate the value.

Can anyone please let me know how to fix the error? I’m using nexpose on prem solution. This happened after the security updates on Ubuntu 18.04.

Someone else posted about a similar issue with the console failing to start awhile back, and it looks like running a repair install is what resolved it. Check out this thread:

It’s probably best to open a Support case so someone can dive into the issue a little deeper, and if a repair install is the best solution, they can always help walk you through it.

Thank you Holly. I have opened a support case. The reinstall although successful took only a few seconds but didn’t fix the error. I appreciate the help. If we get it resolved, I’ll post here if there is an interest.

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Too bad that didn’t resolve it, but our Support folks can delve in to help get it figured out. Would definitely be interested in hearing what the fix is, if you’re open to sharing it :slightly_smiling_face:

Alright, I’m up and running and support has been great. I had a couple of issues that were causing the problem.
1- postgresql services would not start = permissions issue caused nxpgsql account to lose access to /data folder
2- after we got the db running, console would go into maintenance mode = more permission issues, support ran a script to reset permissions for the installation directory
3- a reinstall compounded additional problems and support kept seeing in the logs that i’m running on an old version 6.6.54 and should be on 6.6.101 = that’s my fault as I kept downloading the older version and compounding to the problem. I was following this doc Download | Nexpose Documentation which still has a deprecated download link. Support got me the actual new version and the reinstall brought it back up. As we were also getting unmatched cve’s within the database.

The takeaway is turn debug logging to see the actual messages.

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Thanks for sharing, it’s good to have some additional context for what was actually happening. And we’ll take a look at that doc regarding the deprecated download link.

Glad you’re back up and running now!

Hi, can you please share the link to down the new version 6.6.101