Nexpose scan VM

Hi I would like to know if nexpose has option to scan whole maschine (for example. VM) or operating system like Windows 10.

Can you explain me how to do this step by step.
I did it as follows:

  1. Create Site
  2. I defined importance etc.
  3. As assets i entered ip adress of my local host, where I installed nexpose.
  4. And I clicked scan.

Aslo please explain me how to be sure that the scan engine can communicate with the target (I would like to stress, that I installed nexpose on the VM, which I would scan)?

You can just ping from the machine to the destination, or read the logs of the scan
When it finish, you can download them

I am not sure what you mean by the ‘whole machine’, you can define what is scanned by what particular scan template you are using. You would want to make sure you are doing an authenticated scan so that you can yield the best results for a more complete picture.

After completing a scan, whether it fails or succeeds, you can download the scan logs and validate by looking through them. This will be evident as it will enumerate all the steps taken in the scan. As a last note, make sure that the ports defined in the template are not blocked by your firewall, local or network.

I mean, I have got Windows 10 and on Virtualbox and I would like to scan this Windows 10. I have got online license of Nexpose with 200 assets