Nexpose Reports Email forwarding


I know this isn´t a new topic at all but I just found out the following string in the Distribution reports options :“E-mails and attachments are sent via the Internet in cleartext and are not encrypted.”

So… I was wondering how you export the reports or specific info from the nexpose console in a secure way…

Thanks in advance!!

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You can use the URL option, instead of the File or Archive option, which just sends a link to the report, although this requires the recipient have an insightVM login to access it.

The other way I’ve done it is slightly more complicated, although it depends on the OS that insightVM is running on. In the Report File Storage settings of the report you can set an additional file location (the default report path is difficult to work with). Then you could run Powershell scripts or similar from another server to copy them using WinSCP etc and then do whatever you want with them.