Nexpose Question About Creating Report for Two Site Scan Data and Filtering with Access Group

Good day. I am supporting an air-gapped instance of Nexpose and I have a question about reports. I am scanning a network that spans two geographic locations using two Sites; one dedicated Site for each geographic location. I want to use a report to compile all the data into one site, but have separate reports for the Windows and Linux OSes. When creating the report, I selected the two Sites and then I also selected a Windows asset group for the Windows report and Linux access group for the Linux report. My thought was that the report would pull the vulnerability data from the two selected sites and then filter based on the access group I created.

However, when the reports completed, they contained all vulnerabilities for the aforementioned two sites and were not filtered based on the asset group. I then edited the reports by not selecting any site and only selecting the applicable asset group. This appears to have worked and the separate Windows and Linux reports only contained their respective OS’ vulnerabilities.

My long winded question is, if I create a report using only an asset group for Windows or Linux OSes, where is it pulling the scan data from? Does it pull vulnerabilities for the assets defined in the asset group from any Site that scanned those specific assets? Does it only pull from the latest scan or from current and previous scans? Is there a way to specific which Sites to pull the scan data from and use the asset group as a filter?

Thank you in advance for any assistance with this.


Hey, you were right on that second try that you would only want to use that Dynamic Asset Group for the scope on Windows or Linux OS criteria.

When pulling from the asset group its giving you more or less the most recent data for those assets from ANY site they belong in. Theres no way to scope a report down further. What you would want to do instead is create two Dynamic asset groups based on the OS for each site. So instead of just one Asset Group for Windows OS as the critera you would have two but each one filtering down further to select the specific site.

Thank you for the reply John; much appreciated! :+1: