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Hi there, i want to create a new instance with the nexpose console but i want to migrate the license from an olf instance. I can’t find any guides about it, so I think that I have to install the product on the new instance; then if i need to restore all my data I had to create a backup and then restore it on the new instance. But from a license point of view, I think that I could not have two console with the same license, so i need to uninstall the product from the old instance and then add the same license on the new one, am i right?
Please help me,
thank you

Using the link above is a good reference but you seem to have the general idea.

You’re right that you cannot have two console running at the same time using the same license. The license gets carried over with the backup/restore process. SO a quick high level of the process is:

  1. Deploy a new VM that will serve as the new console
  2. Use the latest installer to install the Security Console
  3. Create this directory: \rapid7\nexpose\nsc\backups
  4. Create a backup on the existing console
  5. Transfer the backup zip file to the new server in the directory created above
  6. copy the key from \rapid7\nexpose\shared\conf\creds.kspw
  7. Stop the nexpose service on the existing console (DO NOT UNINSTALL YET)
  8. Log into the new console and navigate to Administration > Maintenance and restore the newly copied backup using the creds.kspw copied above
  9. Verify everything is operational e.g. Scan Engines, Sites, etc
  10. After everything is verified, uninstall nexpose from original console or decommission server
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