Nexpose Dynamic Discovery VMWARE - Hosts list?

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On Nexpose, the /discoveryAsset/assetStatistics.jsp screen provides us with statistics after the syncing of Nexpose and Vsphere.
Number of virtual machines/number of hosts…all good

We can then get access to virtual machine information on the same screen or through the site you can create, but how do we get access to the hosts list ?

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I’m not aware of a way to explicitly get the Vsphere hosts that are added as part of the discovery connection. You could try using an asset group to match on an operating system of VMware or similar. That might get close to the results that you’re looking for if I understand correctly.

Thanks for your response Tyler.

We do have a Tag with that filter but it captures what we had discovered by an IP discovery scan (network) only…
We are trying the leverage out the dynamic aspect of the VsphereConnection. As the count of hosts is shown it means that this was learned through the connection process. Could there be a SQL table I could query through a report? Do you know?

There is a dim_host_type table which provides the following classifications for hosts:

Virtual Machine
Bare Metal

I don’t know for certain how the values are populated, so I can’t say if the Hypervisor type will be applied to the Vsphere hosts from the discovery connection, but give this query a go and let me know how it works.

SELECT da.asset_id, da.ip_address, da.host_name, dht.description
FROM dim_asset da
JOIN dim_host_type dht on da.host_type_id = dht.host_type_id WHERE description = 'Hypervisor';

Hi Tyler,

thanks for this, we had to adjust slightly to this
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SELECT da.asset_id AS “Asset ID”, da.ip_address AS “IP Address”, da.host_name AS “Host Name”, dht.description AS “Description”
FROM dim_asset da
JOIN dim_host_type dht on da.host_type_id = dht.host_type_id WHERE description = ‘Hypervisor’;

It has extracted the vmware hosts from the DB.
What we are going to do is ask the VMWARE team to let us know when they add a new machine on the network ans see if the query picks it up

I shall comme back to you on this

All the best

SELECT da.asset_id AS “Asset ID”, da.ip_address AS “IP Address”, da.host_name AS “Host Name”, dht.description AS “Description”
FROM dim_asset da
JOIN dim_host_type dht on da.host_type_id = dht.host_type_id WHERE description = ‘Hypervisor’;

Here you go

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