Nexpose Community quietly discontinued


Due to R7’s great community support I never thought I’d have to post something like this:

I’m a passionate security engineer recently retired from a “do everything” network role. I was hoping to keep my skills up via the use of the Nexpose Community instance [yes I run my own home server and small network]. However, R7 has quietly ended its community licensing. When I raised the issue with support and in the Rapid 7 Voice community [I’m #3 contributor globally - D0z3r] I got exactly nowhere.

Is there any way a passionate security professional who’s been using R7 products for more than a decade before retiring [and even spoke at one R7 Boston conference] can continue to use an on-prem, small [less that 25 devices] Nexpose/InsightVM instance?

Thanks R7 for all the support over the years and please come up with a way for this retired practitioner to continue using the products he loves!