New Slack Chatops actions!

:fire:New Slack Chatops actions :fire:

We’ve launched two new Slack actions for InsightConnect Chatops: Create Channel and Add Users to Channel.

With the Create Channel action, add a new public or private channel to your Slack workspace. You can include data from previous steps in your workflow to set a channel name, description or topic.

With the Add Users to Channel action, use this step to add users within your Slack workspace to a public or private channel using their Slack username or ID. Your Slack bot will need to be a member of the selected channel to successfully add users.

Screen Shot 2022-01-27 at 9.32.30 AM

Use these two actions in combination to quickly respond to incidents. When alerted on a new high priority incident, trigger an InsightConnect workflow to automatically spin up a Slack channel with information about the incident, and add the necessary personnel. Look out for a prebuilt workflow on the extension library in the next few weeks using these actions.

Let us know if you have any feedback. We’d love to hear how you use these actions in your workflows!