New ServiceNow update (5.0.0) removes the ability to update Incident worknotes

I saw that the ServiceNow plugin has an update which now replaces the ‘json’ field entry with designated fields that can be updated. However, it is missing the worknotes field. We can no longer update incidents with new worknotes.

Has this been moved to a different section or is this no longer possible?

Thanks for reaching out about this. You are correct that with the latest version (v5.0.0) we did make modifications to the inputs provided when creating and updating an incident in order to make the configuration of the step easier - no longer requiring a giant JSON object.

Unfortunately due to this change it is no longer possible to define custom fields (or even fields like work notes). However, we do have an internal ticket created that currently is scoped to add an “Additional Fields” parameter so you will not only get the better experience of predefined fields but also the flexibility of user defined fields as well.

Until we are able to get this change out to you, my recommendation would be to stick with version 4.1.2 ( as that allows user defined fields. We’ll keep you updated once this makes its way out!