New Scan Asset from Chat Workflow Added to the Vulnerability Remediation Toolkit!

We’ve updated the InsightConnect Vulnerability Remediation Toolkit to include a couple of new workflows: Scan Asset with InsightVM from Slack or Microsoft Teams.

The workflow itself is worth a blog post – it helps patch administrators confirm they have successfully remediated vulnerabilities by printing the current vulnerability and risk statistics, then runs a new scan and posts the updated vuln and risk stats – but that’s not the end of the story.

This workflow was built and contributed back to Rapid7 by @tony_hamil, earning him the Milky Way badge (can you say street cred??). Tony imported the Lookup Top Remediations with InsightVM from Microsoft Teams workflow, removed some steps here, added some steps there, and built this awesome Scan Asset with VM from Teams workflow.

I am oversimplifying a bit – Tony is an experienced workflow builder and he made excellent use of some of InsightConnect’s more advanced features, including Global Artifacts, Break Loop steps, and Join Steps. Building this workflow also required knowledge of sites, scans, and engines in InsightVM. Essentially, this isn’t a “first time user” workflow. But, since Tony was kind enough to share his work with us, we’re happy to say this advanced knowledge is no longer a prerequisite for other users of VM who wish to implement the same workflow. All you need to do is import the template into InsightConnect, configure connections to your InsightVM and Chat tools, and specify the channel where this workflow should be available. To see what the workflow looks like in production, see the screenshots at the end of this post.

We at Rapid7 wanted to share our appreciation for our early contributors. We hope this grows over time, and it’s exciting to see the journey begin here. Without further ado, please join us in saying THANK YOU, Tony!

If you’re interested in sharing your own InsightConnect workflows with us, then please check out our Workflow Contributor’s Guide on GitHub, and feel free to send me a note @ if you have any questions.

Scan Asset with InsightVM from Chat Workflow Screenshots for Microsoft Teams and Slack: