NEW Rapid7 Insight Solutions Step Type

Connect with your other Rapid7 products even faster!!

Introducing the new Rapid7 Insight Solutions step type!

The Rapid7 Insight Solutions step is a new step type in the Workflow Builder designed to help you incorporate data from other Insight products into your workflow. The step type displays all Rapid7 plugins with versioning to make finding and leveraging the actions you need to build your workflows even easier!

In the Rapid7 Insight Solutions step, you can search by plugin, action name, or a keyword which might appear in the description, to quickly find what you need, making workflow building more efficient! The new step type has also streamlined the action selection process by allowing you to find and select your actions all on one screen!


I’m not seeing this option yet - is it still in the process of being rolled out? Thx.

Hi Mark,

The new step type was fully released as of 4:30pm yesterday afternoon (9/15). We’ve been investigating this issue and are still trying to determine why you are unable to see it! Would you mind creating a ticket in our Support portal so we can formally track the investigation and continue working on resolving this issue with you?

I see it there this morning. Thank you for your reply.