Need more join options

what would be really great is if you can join to any step and not just the empty decision tree point as it is currently

Can you give us an example?

Let me find a good one.

Generally it would be where some decision tree branches off a main line and you want to hook it back up to the main decision branch to do the same actions once a check has been done.

You should be able to do that. Can you post a screenshot or something? (That’s the primary intent of the join feature)


Hi Hayden, the screenshot makes sense, thanks for sharing that.

It is technically possible to do what you’ve shown, but counterintuitive: you just need to add the join step at the “bisecting” point in the path, then you can drag the other path ends to it.

It’s great feedback that this wasn’t intuitive. You really ought to be able to bring paths together at will if they’re branched, and we should be smart enough to modify the join as appropriate. I’ll make sure we capture this.

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