Need more information

Hello Team,

I hope everyone are keeping well.

I am seeking your help to understand what does “77 non-vulnerable test results suppressed for readability.” mean ? We scanned few of the servers and under the vulnerability proof it showed us this.

Could you please help me to understand what this is.

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Hi Parth,

I hope you are doing well on this Wednesday. This is an excellent question! This proof message pertains to Microsoft content that utilize the WindowsCBS check element.

As Microsoft pivoted over to having Security Patches resolve multiple vulnerabilities, we discovered that vulnerability proofs stemming from WindowsCBS check elements became unusable nor readable due to the size of the proof. In an effort to reduce the noise, a suppression technique was used to discard WindowsCBS non-vulnerable check logic proofs that provided little to no debug value to allow for more relevant portions of check logic to be made clearer instead.

In terms of interpretation, having the line “{x} non-vulnerable test results suppressed for readability” effectively indicates that the relevant patch identifier (e.g. KB1234567) was not discovered as installed on the system.

I hope this helps!