Multiple SlackBot Triggers


I currently have a Slack Bot created to trigger different workflows based on the keyword supplied and the value like below:

@Rapid7 InsightConnect S1GetAgentDetails

I’m looking to build a different workflow but with a different Slack mention such as:

@ChangeBot ShowChangeDetails

That would extract details of a proposed change ticket in Jira and output that to Slack. Is it possible to change the InsightConnect ChatBot to be mentioned by a different name?

Hello @tb_jl .

Currently the only method is to use @rapid7 InsightConnect. The match text portion of the Slack trigger is how you distinguish one Slack trigger from the other Slack trigger.

Is there a specific use case in mind that modifying the match text does not suit your specific goals?

Hello Darrick,

Thanks for the response and clarity.

It was simply so that we can avoid any confusion from individuals that may be using these proposed workflows when working with change management. Ideally it could be called with an alias like @ChangeBot ShowChanges but it’s purely cosmetic.

Please consider this thread closed.