MS Teams License

Hi - we have been having trouble with our workflows where they appear to have stopped due to the user account not being licensed. (API connectivity is fine). Just want to clarify the exact teams license the account should have to operate. The documentation I have read states it need a teams license (but does not give the detail) We do not want to assign a Microsoft E5 license as overkill. There appears to be a number of specific different teams licenses available hoping someone will know which one I need?
Any help appreciated.

Good Evening Darren.

The MS Teams plugin can work with an MS Teams license. The following Connection Guide offers permissions that are needed on the App you create for MS Teams.

Thanks Tyler for responding.

We tried some of the following Licenses (see below paragraph), but none worked.
We ended up assigning an E5 license (with teams ticked) and all our workloads kicked in so problem resolved. Just a bit of a shame we had to use an E5 license due to the cost .
(I presume an E3 Licence would have been ok - but as an organisation we upped our microsoft licensing to E5 hence we added E5)

Microsoft Teams Audio Conferencing with dial-out to USA/CAN
Microsoft Teams Calling Plan pay as you go (Country zone 1)
Microsoft Teams Calling Plan pay as you go (Country Zone 2)
Microsoft Teams EHR Connector
Microsoft Teams Teams Phone Resource Account
Microsoft Teams Phone Standard
Power apps for teams per user plan
Teams phone with calling plan (Country zone 1 - us/pr)