Modify the criteria for a check

Can you modify the criteria of a vuln check to adhere to corporate policy?
e.g. “CIFS Account Lockout Policy Allows Password Brute Forcing on” is hard coded to look for a value lower than 3, if our policy is different can we modify the check vs putting an exclusion in for it?

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FYI, here is what support guided me on with this and it worked for me.

I understand your perspective, and I appreciate your proactive approach to monitoring the situation.

Here’s a summary of the issue:

  • Problem Description: Can we modify default checks to align with our policy
  • Advice given or things to note:
  1. Advised the value of the account-lockout threshold can be changed in Scan Template by navigating to template > Scan template configuration> ‘CIFS/SMB ACCOUNT POLICY’ tab > Account lockout threshold> Change the preferred value.
  2. The modification of the Account lockout threshold setting on the ‘CIFS/SMB ACCOUNT POLICY’ tab within the Scan Template basically changes the checks.
  3. Advised the adjustment is effective exclusively when utilizing the Scan engine. The ability to modify checks is not available in the Agent.