Migrating Agents Between Consoles

We had a company we were partnering with install Rapid7 agents on their machines to view their machines’ vulnerabilities before integrating our networks. For this, we had a second Console set up for agents that were outside of our network.

The company is now a full fledged part of our network. These agents should now report to the same Console as the rest of the enterprise.

Is the best way to redirect Agents to a new Console to uninstall the agent and reinstall with the other console’s agent? Is there a File, Setting, or Regedit we can use to redirect the agents manually? If the proper answer is to Uninstall/Reinstall, is there a supported way to uninstall with enterprise tools? I’ve heard pushing a WMIC uninstall command has limited success with the client. Is there an uninstall command, or a Set Console command, in the ir_agent.exe in ($program files)\Rapid7\Insight Agent?

If there is documentation on this matter that I’ve missed, please point me to it, I wasn’t able to find anything about changing agents’ consoles.


Daniel P

uninstalling and installing the appropriate agent from the correct console is the only way i have been able to find

for linux

<installer_extraction_dir>/agent_installer.sh uninstall

For windows you maybe able to do a powershell to tell the app to uninstall