Microsoft Teams - workflow issues

Workflow runs, completes; but does not find test user to attempt disable/enable of account. Modified “Search Base”(shorten) but then Workflow fails with “Response was: character ’ ’ not allowed in attribute type”.

Similar issues with Workflow - Force Password Reset in Active Directory from Microsoft Teams.

Not sure what to attempt next to try to solve. Any assistance(ideas) would be appreciated. Thanks.

Can you post or email me a screenshot of your configuration for those steps, the attributes field should be empty unless you are referencing a specific attribute.

Hi Michael, thanks for your help - looks like the “Find DN” step under Attributes has two square brackets []. I tried to remove/delete & save but they come back after exiting. Picture snip attached.

Those should be fine, that is a placeholder for an array field. Can you link me the workflow you are working with and I will take a look at it and make sure there is nothing going on with the workflow.

Disable/Enable User in AD from MS Teams

I will take a look at the workflow and see if I can figure out what is happening

Is this a workflow you downloaded from the extension library? If not can you email me a copy of it to and I will take a look. The link you shared doesn’t work, it looks to be a link to your personal copy of the workflow which I cannot access.

Hi Michael, thanks again for your help & sorry about that - it’s downloaded from the extension library. I will double check to make sure it’s the latest version.

Hi Michael, wanted to share solution (hope this helps others) - within the workflow the “Find DN” step was using “CN” for the lookup(Search Filter). Modified this to use sAMAccountName instead it now works. Thanks!

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Hello - I’m stuck at the same spot. Can you please share the screenshot or some additional details regarding your workaround? This will be very helpful and I really appreciate it. Thank you.