Microsoft Teams supports Markdown

With the Microsoft Teams Action I see both “Send Message” and “Send HTML” message, I noticed that Teams supports Markdown is this available via the API? It would save me the step of converting Markdown to HTML.

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Hey Brandon.

I wrote the teams plugin and that’s news to me. As far as I knew when I wrote it, the API only took “Text” and “HTML” as body content options. Let me look into this and see what I can see.

Give me a bit and I’ll get back to you.

I played around more with the Teams API, and no, you can’t send markdown through it. What it’s doing on the front end is when you enter markdown, it immediately converts it to HTML. To test that, I made a test message with a bunch of bolds / italics and other random formatting. When I go get that message through the API it comes down in HTML.

Microsoft is pretty sneaky about reformatting things for you.

HOWEVER, if I were you, what I’d try is use the Markdown plugin to covert HTML to Markdown and pass that through Send Message as HTML in Microsoft Teams.

Let us know if that works out for you. If not, we can try to come up with something else.

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Thanks for looking into this.
That is what I’m doing (Artifact.content -> Markdown to HTML -> Teams HTML message), that plugin just adds some extra overhead. I also noticed that the “Markdown” Microsoft implemented isn’t actual Markdown so it would have been a little annoying using the content of the Artifact as the input to the Teams message.