Microsoft Teams create new channel


Im trying to create a new channel in microsoft teams for my workflow, the previous channel was working for command but when I create a new one, it doesn’t work when typing a command and didn’t get any response from rapid7 automation. I already edit the workflow to point into a new channel but no success.


Did you confirm that the user you are using has access to the channel?

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Works like magic…I requested to put me as an owner…Thanks

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When the Teams plugin fails to carry out an action, I’ve found the information which Microsoft sends back is usually pretty helpful and specific, e.g. during initial setup, Microsoft’s error message explained in plain English that I had a licensing issue, and I was able to talk to our M365 admins and get it resolved. If you have other issues, it’s probably worth pasting a sanitized snippet of the error code from the Teams plugin log.

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