Metasploit Version Query

Good day

Do have a query on the Metasploit Pro and the version running.

After authentication the website (https://host:3790) specifies version is 4.21.1 (Update 2022070101), while in the console it states v6.2.5-dev.

Would like to know, how would one know if one running the latest Metasploit Pro, think v6.2 being the latest?


Hey @Secnam, you can use the version you see on the website itself to double check that you’re running the latest version of Metasploit Pro. We have a Release Notes page here, so you can compare that to the version you see on your site and confirm whether there are updates available.

The version you see in the console refers to the current version of Metasploit Framework, which is utilized by Metasploit Pro.